Project: Angela Roempp



This project is one of the first full-stack developments I could tackle as a freelance web developer. A portfolio site, combined with a custom blog system, responsive design and accessible for all devices. The site is developed with Gatsby.js and can thus achieve a particularly high loading speed and top results in Google Pagespeed.

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Node.js is a web server based on Google's V8 engine and has been in development since 2009. 2009. A special feature of Node.js is the non-blocking I/O model. For this purpose, individual components that are needed in the configuration of the server, by means of npm install and integrate. Also the use of JavaScript on side of the server and the client (Isomorphic JavaScript) is a large advantage for a linguistically and syntactically consistent development environment. Node.js makes use of an internal event loop, which receives requests from a client. It checks whether a blocking or non-blocking operation occurs in order to process the request. In case of a blocking operation the task is passed to an internal worker using a callback function. The main thread of Node.js is therefore not blocked and thus allows high performance.


Gatsby is a static site generator based on the JavaScript library "React". React is a JavaScript library for the development of user interfaces.

With React.js, a complex user interface can be broken down into smaller subcomponents and functionally decoupled from each other. This software design makes it possible to reuse building blocks in different parts of the source code and achieve a scalable structure in the frontend source code. Development in React.js can be recommended for both small web projects and high-frequency web applications.

At, the functionality of React is illustrated with clear and examples that can be edited in the browser.

Gatsby.js enables intangibly fast websites - in fact, this website is also built with Gatsby.js. So you have the opportunity to test this power right here.